June 21, 2024

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13 Healthcare Marketing Agencies to Boost Brand Presence in 2023

In today’s tech-driven world, healthcare has evolved to integrate developments in diagnosis, treatment, and management of health conditions. The industry has seen evolving designs, innovative technological products, and a shift toward a more digitalized approach. Steps have been taken to enrich customer service and leverage affiliate marketing and social media for brand growth. 

Healthcare marketing agencies can help brands keep up with trends. Strategizing for healthcare marketing involves utilizing science-backed data to craft and implement a more personalized, value-based marketing approach. This helps healthcare professionals and establishments efficiently engage and retain customers. 

Healthcare Marketing Agencies to Boost Brand Presence in 2023:

Best Healthcare Marketing Agencies in 2023

Here are the most reputable healthcare marketing agencies in 2023.


SmartSites offers full-service marketing services to the healthcare industry helping them to land more patients. By combining their experience with the right tech, they partner with names in this specialized niche to improve their reputation and grow their online presence.

If you need to start from scratch, they can help with business logos, branding, graphic design, and website development. Then, if you have the time to wait for organic traffic, you can check out their SEO marketing services. Alternatively, if you need results faster, their team can assist with paid search as well as Facebook Ads.

Their client list features healthcare businesses in a number of specialized fields including podiatry, skincare, and plastic surgery. For example, when Ethos Spa, a small business that provides medical aesthetics, asked SmartSites to help them attract more quality website traffic, they focused on SEO and PPC. Even though the market is highly competitive, SmartSites rose to the challenge and delivered amazing results. Not only did organic search traffic increase threefold, but it also translated into loads more conversions.

McCann Health

McCann Health boasts 35 locations across 6 continents worldwide. The agency is renowned for developing unique and captivating marketing ideas that benefit public health. Their teams are dedicated to implementing a suite of services, from strategic consulting and medical communications to social media management and creation of global health online content. 

McCann Health works with enterprises such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Nestle, to name a few. Its vision and execution can provide the cutting-edge solutions to maximize global reach and authority for healthcare brands.

One powerful campaign from McCann Health London is the animated musical, The Feelings. In collaboration with the Clio Network, the clip featured characters that represented frontliners amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The film aimed to raise awareness about the struggles of healthcare professionals during the surge of COVID-19 patients, and encouraged health workers to acknowledge their feelings as they face daily mental challenges. 

Ogilvy Health

Ogilvy Health is a go-to marketing agency in the health and wellness sector. It crafts quality campaigns for brands that want to strengthen healthcare personnel engagement, medical education, and market access. Ogilvy Health’s experienced professionals specialize in strategic insight, groundbreaking activations, unique advertising initiatives to engage patients and consumers alike, plus facilitate digital transformation. 

Among its notable clients are Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Ogilvy Health delivers creatives, innovation, and forecasting solutions for healthcare stakeholders to satisfy patients and consumers. While continuously striving for optimal digital transformation, the agency keeps consumer needs met across medical education platforms as well as HCP promotion plans. 

Area 23

Another full-service healthcare agency that has won accolades and ROI for companies is Area 23. Composed of over 600 employees, this major marketing agency focuses on professional communications, scientific services, and analytics for planning. Area 23 has achieved sustained growth for healthcare clients and had been named the “Most Creative Agency” at the 2020 Med Ad News Manny Awards. 

Its recent campaign to further education about the effects of Alzheimer’s is captivating. Called “The Hardest Crossword”, the campaign used a crossword puzzle that people can’t solve because it necessitates personal information. This highlighted the real effects of the disease. 

Area 23 is based in New York. It has an eye for unique and engaging solutions. Aside from creative campaigns, the agency ensures smooth customer service and efficient  digital transformation to sustain customer engagement and loyalty. 

Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful is a social media agency that has numerous offices all over the world. They can help with various marketing-related services including social strategy, content production (including video), paid media, social commerce, and community management. Not only do they offer a wide range of services, but they’re also comfortable working with loads of channels (including familiar platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn as well as other less mainstream, more region-specific networks such as Weibo and VK).

As they like to put it on their website, they act as a “strategic partner” to their clients helping them to remain relevant. Some of the brands related to healthcare that they’ve worked with include Sensodyne and FOREO. 

For example, to help position FOREO as one of the leaders in its market, they chose to strengthen the brand’s credibility and highlight the advanced tech that sets their products apart from other brands. To do this, they launched a three-month influencer marketing program. They carefully curated lifestyle and beauty influencers to help narrate the story behind how their tech is suitable for all skin types. The result — more than 25 million impressions and an increase of 50% in sales.

For Influencers: If you are looking for agencies to represent you click here.

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness (SSW) is a global agency renowned for building brands that can pave the way for consumers to improve their personal wellness journey. Apart from digital marketing experts and a strong analytics team, the agency also has medical professionals and even scientists on board. SSW has created successful campaigns for giants, such as Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, and Galderma.

SSW embraces creativity and innovation while providing a comprehensive suite of services for enterprises, from Launch Expertise, Wellness Analytics, Scientific Storytelling, Wellness 360, Extraordinary Creative, to Customer Experience and Support. Their marketers have the latitude and network of global expertise to convey your brand’s message.

One recent project was Walmart’s flu vaccination campaign. SSW was able to reach over 257 million impressions, and increased actual vaccinations by 40%. Its approach was all about community immunity, which provided intrinsic motivation for families to stay healthy altogether. The campaign set the stage for the subsequent COVID-19 vaccine.  

SSW can make digitalization seamless and  enable you to focus on overall wellness for customers through smart solutions.

Bryant Brown Advertising

Bryant Brown has operated for over 20 years, and is still among the leaders in healthcare brand positioning, messaging, and audience engagement. Its expertise includes branding, creative services, SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Bryant Brown has access to unique advertising channels—it’s able to promote and deliver engagement and brand loyalty to pharmaceutical companies, biotech organizations, medical device businesses, and other healthcare brands to promote as other products. 

What’s notable about the agency is that it won’t provide a revolving door of different marketers being switched from one client to the next. Bryant Brown has a stable team of healthcare marketing strategists, creatives, and programmers who can elevate your digital presence and sustain the growth. 

Response Mine Health

For two decades, Response Mine Health has provided digital marketing services to retail businesses, healthcare providers and medical institutions. Bringing a wealth of industry experience, they are an award-winning agency offering fully HIPAA compliant solutions in search engine optimization (SEO), paid search campaigns (PPC/SEM) display ads and social media management, helping clients build meaningful patient engagement or improve the customer journey.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Response Mine Health has positioned itself to be a health and wellness agency. Its digital healthcare experts focus on honest, meaningful feedback to plan and execute campaigns that will dominate the healthcare market. The agency maximizes testing and margin-based decision making to optimize ROI of clients. 

Response Mine has worked with different brands, among which is Wahoo Fitness. The agency was able to target specific personas and engage potential Wahoo customers with content that captivated them to check the brand out. Conversations about it boosted the intent and engagement.

Real Chemistry (Formerly W2O Group)

Real Chemistry is an analytics-focused creative agency that recognizes how crucial proper messaging is. Its goal is to showcase how life science products have become more innovative than any other industry. Healthcare is generally deemed dated and intimidating, and Real Chemistry seeks to change this perception. It aims to make marketing as innovative as the healthcare solutions being created today.

Real Chemistry was founded in 2001 and has helped healthcare businesses in branding, content marketing, data analytics, and communications. Its mission is to highlight how healthcare can foster connections between providers and patients. The end-to-end healthcare experience it designs can help brands create lasting relationships and loyalty. The more relatable a brand is, the more human engagement it can gain to set itself apart from other biotech or pharma competition. 

CDM London

Another award-winning healthcare agency is CDM London. It won the Cannes Health Agency Network of the Year award back in 2015 and has been a powerful provider of innovative brand solutions. 

CDM London has a scientific affairs service, which allows brands to seek expertise of MDs, PhDs, and pharmaceutical specialists when strategizing how the brand can position itself in the market. Because of the robust experience balancing marketing and scientific backgrounds for campaigns, CDM London can uncover human, behavioral, and experience-based insights in its stories.

An interesting campaign is its “Petri Mouth” ad for Johnson & Johnson. The ad features a petri dish of sore throat bacteria placed on a man’s throat, and outlines how the medicine—Hexalen—can combat the symptoms of a sore throat. It’s simple, eye-catching, and has enough digestible information to clearly explain how the product solves the problem. CDM London makes complicated healthcare concepts relatable and products appealing for public consumers.


Healthcare products and solutions feature advanced technologies. What better way to showcase these products than by creating an experiential campaign. This is where RNO1 comes in. A trusted West Coast brand and digital experience agency, RNO1 can help you create a UX and UI design that will highlight creativity in healthcare concepts. Its services also include performance marketing and VR platform design and development.. 

Among RNO1’s recent projects include the fun experiential campaign it mounted for LOLIWARE, the brand that pioneered the first edible bioplastic. LOLIWARE uses seaweed to create single-use packaging products that are food-grade, environmentally safe, and are designed to decay. 

Advantages of Working with Healthcare Marketing Agencies

A reliable healthcare marketing agency can help you design and implement an optimized multichannel strategy that enables you to achieve business goals.

Advantages of Working with Healthcare Marketing Agencies

Improve patient engagement 

Prospective and existing patients turn to the Internet and health-based apps to research about health conditions, treatments, and other data. They go online to educate themselves about healthcare matters. A marketing agency can come up with a value-driven communication strategy that offers your audience useful content, whether about diagnostic news or scientific findings. 

Digitalize customer service 

Healthcare brands are continuously striving to make customer service more efficient. With patients and potential leads using online channels to inquire about products or services, conversational commerce and chatbots need to be more responsive and thoroughly programmed. An agency can meticulously design a custom customer support feature on your brand’s site and socials.

Establish multichannel connections

Healthcare marketing agencies aid companies in devising communication plans and targeting techniques to send relevant messages on different platforms and engage customers at every touchpoint in their journey. Engagement and loyalty are nurtured through effective campaigns.

Align campaigns with analytics 

Your agency can help you develop optimized campaigns using real-time analytics. Collecting and deriving insights from data can help you track metrics or adjust existing tactics to meet company goals. 

      Final Thoughts

      Healthcare marketing will be as relevant as ever in 2023, given that people are now more actively seeking information on health and wellness products or services that can help them address conditions or improve overall health. Brands that want to dominate the industry should consider working with an experienced healthcare marketing team to help them plan and execute a strategy that brings concrete ROI. 

      Healthcare marketing agencies do more than just run attention-grabbing ads. Their services include mining in-depth customer insights and utilizing them in customer service improvement, app development, content creation, and SEO, social media, and influencer marketing. Healthcare agencies understand that digitals content and platforms can influence consumer behavior and brand preferences. These agencies will address your specific gaps and in turn, create a powerful brand strategy that sets you apart from the rest.