February 21, 2024

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3 Ways The Latest Technology Can Help Optimize Your Contingent Workforce

By Jeff Koyen

The use of contingent staff, although constantly common, continues to increase steadily. As a flexible labor alternative, these non-total-time workforce can assist corporations preserve functions through volatile situations. At some corporations, contingent workers now account for upwards of 50% of the general workforce.

To make the most of their contingent workforce, however, HR executives and other employment pros have new prospects to leverage the newest technological know-how, details and intelligence. That means not only using a main-edge Vendor Management Process (VMS), but also maturing in how they use that VMS technological innovation.

“It’s the underlying foundation and supply of fact for [your] contingent workforce management, stop-to-conclusion,” claims Orli Becker, general manager of VMS at Magnit, a main workforce management system and providers supplier.

“[The VMS] provides them complete visibility into their overall contingent workforce expend in just their organization so they can be incredibly strategic close to the decisions and the management of this workforce.”

To discover much more, Becker walks through a handful of use conditions the place corporations can tap into the robust capabilities of a contemporary VMS to strengthen workforce administration.

#1: Speed up Time To Fill

As every single landlord is aware of, a vacant house is not simply idle it loses revenue every single day it is vacant. The exact same could be said for unfilled positions. Vacant work opportunities incur price tag by straining other personnel and dragging down productiveness.

Right before they can minimize their time to fill open up positions, however, choosing administrators need to have to have entire visibility into this important metric. Less complicated said than done, Becker states.

“There [can be] 30 steps that go into filling a situation, and if you do not know exactly where the breakdown is in people 30 measures, you can’t strengthen upon your time to fill…You really don’t know what you might be shedding out on and you really don’t [really] know how lengthy items are having.”

Vendor management units supply that considerably-wanted transparency, Becker says.

“A actually excellent VMS [gives] you analytics into just about every single teeny little step that is associated in generating that hire so that you know where the challenges are and wherever to focus on system advancements,” she explains.

#2: Raise Worker Redeployment and Retention

The so-referred to as Great Resignation may perhaps have already peaked, but volatility continues to upend entire-time and contingent workforces, primarily supplied modern upticks in inflation and layoffs.

Redeploying existing workers to fill roles and capabilities gaps at an group provides welcome stability and can help lessen talent acquisition costs, Becker states. But that demands subtle use of data and engineering.

Initial, companies must be equipped to tap into worker pay out rates and high quality scores to recognize best employees that companies would be fascinated in retaining. A robust, modern VMS can enable with this visibility.

“Without the engineering, you are not able to measure their high-quality,” Becker claims. “You won’t be able to perform surveys, you just can’t get responses, you will not know if you experienced a great match.”

Next, Becker says businesses will have to merge open roles with their present energetic workforce—which ordinarily calls for leveraging a primary-edge VMS in collaboration with a strategic advisory spouse.

“If you’re using tech to match the right employee with the task, then you are likely heading to have a superior outcome of that person’s get the job done,” Becker states. “You can leverage [artificial intelligence] to support you make that appropriate fit—avoiding onboarding fees, cutting down time to fill and raising high quality of seek the services of.”

#3: Increase Range, Fairness And Inclusion (DE&I) Initiatives Via Data

When it arrives to sourcing a lot more diverse expertise, Becker states even the greatest-intentioned businesses can locate them selves stymied by a absence of facts and visibility, significantly when it comes to the contingent workforce. All much too generally, this opacity can be traced back again to out-of-date VMS know-how.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Becker says that executives must insist their teams have the equipment essential to enhance workforce range and encourage supplier diversity.

“[Today’s] technologies makes it possible for you to have visibility into the personnel and their diversity classification the place they can anonymously discover their classifications,” Becker says.

This secure knowledge selection allows corporations to monitor important developments and KPIs in excess of time to inform their DE&I system.

In addition, organizations can configure their VMS to prioritize suppliers that have revealed demonstrated DE&I effects.

“It will allow [for] tiering where by, let’s say, a team of assorted suppliers get initially bid at filling the posture for 24 [or] 48 hrs before it goes out to a better pool of suppliers,” says Becker.

Regarding the difficulty of shell out parity and fairness, Becker says there are a quantity of locations across the world enacting laws to ensure that staff carrying out the similar obligations are paid out equitably. In some nations around the world, companies are necessary to fork out contingent workers the exact as their full-time counterparts. This can present a challenge for numerous corporations that have historically omitted contingent employees from the information sets utilized to track comprehensive-time worker shell out.

“Without [a VMS], you you should not have visibility into what all the supervisors in the business are executing,” claims Becker. “You do not have [the] framework close to your occupation titles to ensure that the spend is really following that specific task to help ensure…pay parity.”

For a lot a lot more on how VMS innovation and workforce intelligence can help push organizational success, download “Up coming-Amount VMS: Orchestrating Overall Expertise Intelligence.”