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Best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed

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Get ready for the best eyewear brands tailor-made for your digital lifestyle. From blue-light blockers to AR glasses, we’ve got your eyes covered with style and great features!

Gear up, tech enthusiasts! It’s time to dive into the world of cutting-edge eyewear that seamlessly blends fashion with technology.

Yes, we’re highlighting the best eyewear brands that support your tech obsessions. Think blue-light-blocking sunnies, AR frames for developers, and spectacles with switchable lenses. Whether you’re looking for high-tech finds or glasses that suit your techie style, you’ll find them here!

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Some of our favorite technology-forward frames are the Razersuperfuture Matte Black Glasses. They boast photochromic UV and blue light protection. They also transition to a darker shade in the sunlight.

Another innovative pair of glasses are the XREAL Light AR glasses. Designed specifically for developers, they are comfortable, pair with your phone, and offer 6 DoF tracking.

Ready to make your eyewear as innovative as the rest of your gear? Keep reading!

1. The Razersuperfuture Matte Black Glasses combine fashion and technology for lenses that darken in the sun. Buy them for $239 on the official website.

Razersuperfuture Matte Black Glasses product video

Step up your eyewear game with the Razersuperfuture Matte Black Glasses—an ideal fusion of fashion and technology. In collaboration with Retrosuperfuture and curated by D-CAVE, these glasses redefine your style and take care of your eyes like never before.

Shield your eyes with their photochromic lenses, providing seamless UV and blue light protection both indoors and outdoors. Then, you can say goodbye to juggling between sunglasses and regular frames—the lenses transition to a darker shade in the sunlight.

Enjoy reduced eyestrain during gaming or work, thanks to their blue-light-filtering capabilities.

2. The Pair Eyewear Wider Base Frames come in stylish designs and suit wider dimensions. They start at $60 on the brand’s website.

Pair Eyewear Wider Base Frames in styles and colors

The Pair Eyewear line now offers more comfortable sizing. Just check out the Pair Eyewear Wider Base Frames. They’re wider than the originals, ensuring everyone has glasses that fit.

Best of all, these wider frames have a fresh feel, with rectangular models like The Drew and The Jessie as well as cat-eye glasses like The Harper and The Quinn. What’s more, each style comes in 6 color choices, so you’re sure to get one that matches your look.

3. The Y-Glasses 2.0 titanium eyewear has a range of lenses: sunglasses, anti-blue-light lenses, 3D lenses, and more. Get them for $79 on the company website.

Y-Glasses 2.0 with different lenses

Embrace the future of eyewear with the Y-Glasses 2.0 titanium eyewear—a versatile and innovative design that elevates your eyewear experience. These rimless specs offer a variety of lenses, so you can switch them out for different tasks and needs.

Their titanium construction accommodates both near- and far-sighted optometry prescriptions. Enjoy the magnetic suction and a 5-in-1 design, allowing you to use them as sunglasses, night glasses, 3D glasses, short-sighted glasses, or far-sighted glasses. They’re one of the best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed.

4. The XREAL Light AR glasses for developers are lightweight, connect to your phone, and have 6 DoF tracking.

XREAL Light on a person

Introducing the XREAL Light AR glasses for developers—lightweight and stylish spectacles tailored to meet the needs of developers. Offering a 52-degree field of view in an 88-gram setup, these AR glasses are comfortable for extended wear.

They pair easily with your smartphone, or you can use them with the pack and controller from XREAL. Experience real-time positional tracking with 6 degrees of freedom, precisely monitoring your movements in the world, even detecting planes and images.

These AR glasses come with a developer kit, including a computing unit, controller, and glasses, making them the perfect choice for tech-savvy users.

5. The Titanium Clubmasters modern prescription-ready eyewear has 30+ lens options to choose from. Purchase it for $172 on the brand’s website.

Titanium Clubmasters in different models

Stand out with the Titanium Clubmasters modern prescription-ready eyewear. Crafted from 100% aerospace-grade titanium with a mirror-polished finish, these sunglasses offer a luxurious look and lightweight comfort. Quickly change between 30+ lenses to create your signature style.

Whether you prefer dark polarized or blue mirror lenses, switching them out is a breeze. Embodying a refined Clubmaster style, these glasses boast durability and come in 3 frame colors to suit your taste. Or go for the 24k gold-plated option to make a true statement.

6. The Knockaround Fast Lanes Blue Light Blocker Glasses safeguard your eyes from screens with FDA-approved lenses. Get them for $32 on the official website.

Knockaround Fast Lanes on a person

Protect your eyes as you work, game, or stream with a pair of Knockaround Fast Lanes blue light blocker glasses! No matter what screen you stare at, the clear FDA-approved impact-resistant lenses will help keep your eyes safe from the blue light emitted by your device.

They also offer UV400 protection for trips outside, because you might just want to keep these on all day long. The included microfiber protective pouch helps keep them safe when not in use and also doubles as a lens cleaner! They’re one of the best eyewear brands for tech lovers.

7. The Filter Optix blue light glasses were designed in Norway and offer 4 different lens colors. Buy them for $195 on the company website.

Filter Optix in use

The Filter Optix blue light glasses were designed and developed in Norway. The yellow computer blue light glasses reduce eye strain, prevent headaches and migraines, and more. Meanwhile, the orange and red blue light glasses improve sleep quality, increase melatonin levels, optimize circadian rhythm, and enhance mood.

These glasses effectively filter out harmful artificial blue light from digital devices and LEDs. Handmade with exclusive, high-quality materials, they’re a great addition to your wardrobe.

8. The Ember Niche Runway Collection 2023 protects your eyes from harmful light. They also have a modern artsy look. Get them for $225 on the brand’s website.

Ember Niche Runway Collection 2023 in Sun Dru

Protect your eyes while you’re in the sun or looking at screens when you go for the Ember Niche Runway Collection 2023 blue-light-blocking sunglasses. This sunglasses collection is artsy and practical and includes 2 cool styles—the Sun Izzy and the Sun Dru.

Both offer 2 color options and can be fitted with prescription lenses and the company’s blue-light-blocking coating. Add style to your look and protect your eyes with this beautiful collection.

The best eyewear brands for tech lovers include high-tech options as well as glasses that counter the effects of too much screen time. Which of these spectacles would you love to own? Let us know!

What eyewear features should I look for as a tech enthusiast?

Prioritize eyewear with blue-light protection and photochromic lenses. Blue light protection guards your eyes against digital strain, while photochromic lenses automatically adjust to different light conditions, ensuring optimal vision indoors and outdoors.

How can I ensure a perfect fit for my tech-savvy lifestyle?

Seek eyewear brands that offer wider base frames for a comfortable fit, specifically designed for tech enthusiasts. These frames cater to various face shapes and ensure your glasses stay put during long hours of screen time.

Can I enjoy AR technology while wearing stylish eyewear?

Absolutely! Products like the XREAL Light AR glasses are designed with developers in mind. They offer a 52-degree field of view, seamless smartphone pairing, and 6 DoF tracking, making them the perfect choice for tech-lovers seeking a mix of style and AR innovation.

What benefits do blue light glasses offer?

Premium blue light glasses provide a range of advantages for tech enthusiasts. They reduce eye strain, prevent headaches, and improve sleep quality. With advanced multilayer coatings, these glasses are scratch-resistant, grease-resistant, and super-hydrophobic, making them a durable and practical choice for tech enthusiasts.

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