October 3, 2023

Mid Designer

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Best laptops for graphic design in 2023

The best laptops for graphic design strike a balance between powerful performance and a beautifully vivid display. A great graphic design laptop will be equipped with a modern processor, at least 16GB of RAM, plenty of storage, a brilliant display, and in some cases, a discrete GPU. These hefty specs can often come at a steep price, but you’ll be investing in a laptop that’ll see you through many, many graphic design projects over the next few years. 

Apple comes in strong in this list, with the MacBook Pro 14 (2023) as the best laptop for graphic design overall, the MacBook Pro 16 (M2, 2023) as the no-end-to-your-deep-pockets, premium option, and the MacBook Air 15 as the best budget option. If you’re more of a Windows person or you want something that’ll double as a graphic design laptop and a gaming laptop, we’ve got you covered with stellar options from HP, MSI, Lenovo, and Samsung.