June 21, 2024

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Find the best smartwatch for you from Apple to Garmin with this quiz

Our lives are already full of gadgets. Do we really need another one strapped to our wrists?

Apple just unveiled its Watch Series 9, and lots of companies are flaunting new smartwatches this year.

While hardly anyone actually needs a smartwatch, many have decided they’re worth the splurge. Smartwatches now can track your fitness levels, help you sift through your messages, and even monitor the quality of your sleep. (They’re pretty good at telling the time, too.)

The catch? Between Fitbits, Garmin’s wearables and new models like the Apple Watch Series 9, sifting through all the options can be a bit bewildering.

Take this quiz from the Help Desk to find out whether a smartwatch could make your daily routine a little easier. (Friendly reminder: The Washington Post doesn’t make any money off our recommendations. The Help Desk is always on your side, not some tech company’s.)

A smartwatch with illustrated doodles
A smartwatch with illustrated doodles.

Are you happy with it?

A smartwatch with illustrated doodles.

Have you thought about getting one?


You don’t need a smartwatch

A hand with a smart watch and illustrated doodles.

Smartwatches can be clever and convenient, but here’s the thing: Hardly anyone actually needs a new one. And that’s especially true for you. It sounds like the tech you already have is serving you just fine, so you can give these wearables a pass without worrying about missing out. And, frankly, it’s better to avoid buying a gadget you’re on the fence about in the first place. After all, you don’t want it to languish in a drawer until you decide to toss it down the road!

Still, you may want to take this quiz again to see what might work best if your priorities change over time.

A smartwatch with illustrated doodles.

Question 1 of 5

Which statement best describes your taste?

Gotta respect someone who knows what works for them. Watches have always run the gamut between pure practicality and status symbol — thankfully, you can customize even basic smartwatches to suit your style.

A wrist with a smart watch and illustrated doodles.

Question 2 of 5

Smartwatches come with health and fitness tools. Would you use any of these?

Many smartwatches today come with at least some kind of health tracking tools, even inexpensive ones. But expect to pay a premium for those with more specialized features, especially ones built for specific activities such as hiking and diving.

A smartwatch with illustrated doodles.

Question 3 of 5

Apart from health features, what would you most want your smartwatch to be good at?

Great choices! Smartwatches get more sophisticated every year, but we’re starting to get a pretty good sense of your priorities.

A smartwatch with illustrated doodles.

Question 4 of 5

If a smartwatch had a virtual assistant, like Siri or Alexa, would you want to talk to it?

Virtual assistants on a smartwatch can make checking the weather forecast and sending messages easy, but using them is totally optional. You’ll always be able to tap a screen or press some buttons to get things done.

A smartwatch with illustrated doodles

Question 5 of 5

How much would you feel comfortable paying for a smartwatch?

Thanks, that’s really helpful! Here’s one thing to keep in mind about prices: Timing is everything. It’s not uncommon for smartwatches to go on sale throughout the year — around Thanksgiving or just after new models are released.

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