February 22, 2024

Mid Designer

Breakaway from the pack

The best (and worst) web design trends of 2022

We’re heading towards the end of the year now, which means it’s time to pause and assess the web design trends that have defined 2022. It’s been an eventful year, with a number of trends emerging and evolving, while others have dropped off the scene entirely. See our roundup of web design trends of 2021 to compare.

In terms of commonalities between these trends, we’re seeing a growing love of retro fonts and aesthetics, a bigger focus on homemade/less polished elements, and a continued push towards ever more interactive, playful interfaces. We’re also seeing a bigger push towards finding a balance between looks and speed: the latest web design statistics (opens in new tab) show users have higher expectations post-Covid, and this includes both loading times and aesthetics; a balancing act we’re all just figuring out.